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Turmeric Black Soap

$9.00 USD

Our Turmeric Black soap has great benefits for the skin such as

It has antibacterial properties.

It may help treat acne.

It may help reduce fine lines.

It may reduce the appearance of dark spots.

*It may reduce razor bumps.

*It may help reduce the impact of eczema.

*Adds A Plump Look To The Skin.

Helps To Clean The Scalp.

*Displays Antiseptic Properties.

*Helps To Limit Signs of Ageing.

Soothe And Heal Dry Skin. 

Helps To Enhance Complexion.

* helps in balancing oily skin by tightening pores and exfoliating skin, also helps to reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin, thereby providing a more even complexion and tone.

Help with hyper- pigmentation /darkspot. 



Turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, pure honey, camwood, sandalwood powder, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, palm bunch Ash, lime juice, lemon juice, Shea Butte r, castile soap.


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